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Transforming Nonprofit Programs into Rich Digital Experiences

Nonprofits moving their programs into the digital space are finding that the readily available digital solutions don't enable meaningful engagement with their constituents. This playbook is a guide to overcoming that challenge.

To create a rich digital nonprofit experience you must go beyond "putting materials online."

Each mission-driven nonprofit is unique. Boxing all nonprofits into a single solution or technology prevents them from delivering a quality experience on their own terms. This playbooks is designed to help nonprofit leaders understand the "what, why and how" of delivering nonprofit programs in the digital space.

This playbook will...
        • Provide a technology-agnostic definition of digital transformation to achieve scale
        • Illustrate why digitally enhancing the core programs creates deeper impact for nonprofits than just digitizing business functions
        • Describe how custom digital experiences achieve scale and flexibility at lower cost to the organization
        • Outline the four steps to successful digital transformation
        • Explain the importance of effectively managing people, communication, and change to digital transformation

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Bringing ArtCenter's deign education to life in the digital space.








Building a communal online space to improve pretrial justice.





Designing and building a data science program in the digital space.


About Extension Engine

A digital learning design and build agency.

Extension Engine helps nonprofits, universities, and businesses scale their reach, impact, and engagement through online learning and digital strategies.

We help you design, build, and grow new digital programs or digitally transform existing programs for the online environment.