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Custom Learning Experiences:

When No LMS Will Do

Why have higher-end learning providers been turning to Custom Learning Experiences? To differentiate in the market and to sell more content. John Leh at Talented Learning explores this topic.

Does your learning management system deliver?

About this webinar:

If you provide training to external audiences for revenue or to create impact — what is sometimes referred to as commercial training or extended enterprise — you can't afford a learning platform and content that misses the mark.

Most LMSs were built for internal learning and development and off-the-shelf courseware. They weren't designed to attract, engage and support voluntary training customers with compelling, adaptive and social learning experiences.

During this webinar, John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, talks about why higher-end learning providers have been turning to "Custom Learning Experiences", like the ones we build at Extension Engine, to differentiate and sell more content.

Here's what you'll learn:
  • Understanding the 2017 LMS market
  • The anatomy of a Custom Learning Experience
  • How Custom Learning Experiences can differentiate your training business
  • When this approach makes sense - and when it does not
  • Real-world examples


Who this webinar is for:

Decision-makers and training professionals in corporate, association, and learning organizations who are considering a conversion of revenue generating in-person training to an online environment.

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We Create Custom Learning Experiences

At Extension Engine, we help you imagine Custom Learning Experiences—online learning as unique as your vision and brand. We work with you to build capacity and internal knowledge, thereby enabling you to expand on what we’ve created together.