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Using Open edX for online education to generate revenue or create impact [Recorded Webinar]

Do you want to create distinctive online learning programs to drive revenue or create impact but feel constricted by traditional learning management systems?  Specifically, do you need to reach thousands of learners, employ modern pedagogies beyond didactic recorded lectures, or have freedom from your already burdened internal IT team?

In this webinar, we explore a compelling alternative that is used by some of the most innovative companies in the world, including Johnson & Johnson, Google, and McKinsey.

 What you'll learn:

  • What Open edX is
  • When Open edX is a good fit for revenue-generating online education
  • How McKinsey used Open edX for McKinsey Academy
  • What Open edX is “out of the box” and how can it be customized and extended
  • Resources for more information about Open edX


This webinar will feature distinguished panelists in the online learning space:

  • McKinsey Academy, a dynamic business education platform built to help organizations thrive by accelerating their talent advantage
  • ExtensionEngine, a distinguished provider of high-end custom learning experiences for elite universities, corporations and not-for-profits.

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