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Minimize Risk and Prepare Your Faculty for Fall

A team of online learning experts prepared to help your institution focus on what’s most important amidst uncertainty: student success.


Where are your students being left behind?


The Online Learning Task Force

Given the last year, student success and satisfaction should be at the number one priority for every institution. Faculty have been overwhelmed while students have often been underwhelmed; accessibility has been deprioritized; fall is seemingly uncertain.

Are you prepared to serve your students in the next academic year?

The Online Learning Task Force is a team of Extension Engine’s learning experts with depth and diversity of online learning knowledge including strategy, instructional design, and project management.

We Can Help


      • Prioritizing accessibility tools and technology to minimize student drop-out risks and increase student success.
      • Digitizing your out-of-classroom experiences — writing labs, mental health services, advising — to de-risk the campus experience and minimize in-person classrooms and interactions.
      • Augmenting your instructional design team to help your faculty prepare the right artifacts, build the right skills, and focus less on the technology and more on your students.



What challenges do you face?


Your faculty need more support.

A quick move to online learning has brought instructional design teams to capacity and left faculty members needing more support.

Let us augment your staff and support your faculty so they can focus on student success.

Your courses need to be improved.

The Zoom lecture is no longer an acceptable online experience.

We can help improve assessments, lecture delivery, or other learning elements, combining the best of in-person and digital technology.

You need to minimize in-person experiences.

With so many uncertainties about the fall, many campuses need contingency plans or guidance on how to minimize in-person risk.


Our team can help you digitize and improve the experiences of students in large in-person lecture-based courses, making it easier for you to respond to any COVID surges and free up the schedule of those large classrooms and lecture halls.

Our Experience


Small Liberal Arts College

The school has about 400 faculty supporting just under 3,000 students, and while they’ve made concerted efforts to move into the online space, they’re in a transitional state: So far the faculty have not fully endorsed the idea of using the campus learning management system (LMS) to manage information (syllabi, documents, assignments) for their courses, let alone embraced its integration in the delivery of course content.


We helped faculty from every subject-matter area across the institution build confidence and feel better prepared for the semester ahead. Because we understood the institution’s diverse needs, we knew how to best support them. And we set up a process requiring very little overhead: At least 80% of the hours billed were spent directly supporting faculty.



Large R1 University

The university had a clear problem to solve: figure out how to run large, seminar-style courses online while still providing students with a positive first-year experience. University leadership decided to deliver these courses online whether the campus was open or not, and they reached out to the faculty who would be teaching the courses with an offer of additional support.


Every single faculty member we worked with reported increased confidence, not only in the semester ahead but in their overall teaching abilities. Approximately 85% of the hours billed on this project were spent directly supporting faculty through one-on-one meetings, follow-up work, and more.




Our Approach


Assess & Plan

Our team of experts will assess the current needs of your school, administrators, and faculty members.


We’ll devise a plan to address your greatest needs and specific goals while seamlessly integrating with your existing resources.

Build & Implement

We execute or help execute the agreed-upon plan, handling things like decision making, coordination, communication, and course or program support.


We may hold office hours, lead group training sessions, or support individual faculty members. It all depends on your needs.

Evaluate & Support

It’s not enough to prepare faculty and staff ahead of the fall semester.


We stay with your team in the early part of the semester and provide support to address specific problems or needs. With a foundation in place, we phase out when we’re no longer needed.

Schedule a Consultation


Dr. Scott Moore, Principal Learning Strategist


As a former dean, faculty member, and administrator at Michigan Ross and Babson College, Dr. Moore brings personal expertise and experience to our college and university partners. 


In a 30-minute conversation, he can help you determine if the Online Learning Task Force is the right solution for your unique needs.




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