Six Pillars of Online Learning for Nonprofit Foundations


For a nonprofits, the decision to build an online program immediately generates a torrent of questions.

Download this white paper to learn the six pillars that support an effective and impactful online learning program. 



If you have 5 minutes... 

...then you have enough time to get a foundational understanding of what it takes to create a successful online learning program.  

Here's what you'll learn in this white paper:

  How to develop a vibrant virtual community

  Where online learning programs often go wrong

   How to engage donors, recipients, and other interested parties

   Where to get help driving your mission through high-end learning

Who is this white paper is for:

Nonprofit administrators looking to engage their stakeholders and community with innovative online programs.


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We create online learning experiences. ExtensionEngine is a services firm that helps training companies, corporations, nonprofits, and universities create online learning to generate revenue or impact.  We guide clients from vision to success through online learning strategy, learning platform development, course development, instructional design, creative, and marketing. 

Leveraging the latest advances in learning science and technology, we take a comprehensive approach to develop online learning experiences that engage learners, encourage collaboration, and increase revenues. We work with those who think big, innovate and want distinctive learner-centric online experiences. 



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