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How to Scale Online Learning Programs


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You have great ideas for changing the world.

And part of the delivering those ideas is through a learning program. But nonprofits often find that engagement has stalled. You aren't reaching the number of people you need.

You can't upload a PDF and call it online learning.

Just like you can't film a play and call it a movie. True online learning that empowers and motivates your supporters requires a shift. It's time to fundamentally rethink your learning program. 

So, how do you scale online learning?

Download the white paper to find out.



By downloading this white paper, you will learn...

  • The four stages of an effective online learning program
  • Where most organizations get stuck
  • The advantages of a custom learning experience
  • How technology breaks down barriers to learning


About ExtensionEngine


 ExtensionEngine is a services firm that helps training companies, corporations, nonprofits, and universities create online learning to generate revenue or impact.  

We guide clients from vision to success through online learning strategy, learning platform development, course development, instructional design, creative, and marketing. 

Leveraging the latest advances in learning science and technology, we take a comprehensive approach to develop online learning experiences that engage learners, encourage collaboration, and increase revenues.  

We work with those who think big, innovate and want distinctive learner-centric online experiences.



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