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Choosing a Business Model for Online Learning

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Which business model is the best fit for creating online learning at your institution?

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There are three popular business models to choose from when creating new online courses and programs:

  • Hire an in-house team to create and run the program on a traditional learning management system (LMS).
  • Hire an external vendor using a revenue sharing agreement to create standard courses.
  • Hire an external vendor on a fee-for-service basis to create a custom learning experience.

Deciding on the right business model is crucial to every university's online learning strategy.

Learn from this interactive experience which includes quick videos from Dr. Scott Moore, former faculty member and dean at Babson College and the University of Michigan, and Howard Lurie, Principal Analyst at Eduventures.





Access the Learning Experience

This learning module is for...

University leadership with a market-facing view or profit responsibility, including: 

Presidents, Provosts, Board Members, Deans



You will learn...

What business models are available

What are the trends and where are these models headed

What considerations you should take into account when choosing a model

So you will be able to...

Determine which model is the best fit for your institution.



Three Business Models

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Pros and Cons of Each Model

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Industry Trends from Eduventures

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