Dr. Moore's Malaise

Online Learning Should Not be Standardized

Dr. Scott Moore, Principal Learning Strategist at ExtensionEngine, and Howard Lurie, Principal Analyst at NRCCUA have an unscripted discussion about online learning.


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What is the role of standardization in online learning?

Dr. Scott Moore, Principal Learning Strategist at ExtensionEngine, talks with Higher Education leaders every day. He sites two recurring "disappointing" perspectives of some higher education leaders on creating online learning programs and courses:

"They think of the creation of online learning in terms of production and focus on delivering a standard product across all programs at a lower cost."

"They cede strategic thinking to those who don't think about market positioning, competition, and brand."

These approaches put the campus, mission, and student experience—everything that makes an institution unique—in the backseat. The bottom line: online learning experiences cannot be the same across 4,000+ disciplines. 

Webinar Learning Goals

  • Discuss the roles of "standardization" and "excellence" in online learning
  • Determine who contributes to the strategic direction of online learning
  • Review relevant data from the Eduventures and Quality Matters 2018 CHLOE report


University leadership with a market-facing view or profit responsibility.






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Howard Lurie and Dr. Scott Moore put together additional resources for webinar viewers. Take a look:





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