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Digitally Transform Your Program to Scale Engagement

Scaling program engagement for digital environments doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. Read about how our nonprofit partners successfully transformed their programs to increase their reach and deliver engagement at scale.

Digital transformation must include scaling program engagement. 


The resources, instruction, and coaching that you share with constituents is the key to improving people’s lives. When you reimagine what your program looks like in a digital space, it must be able to deliver engagement at scale.

Learn how nonprofits just like yours are digitally transforming their program to better serve constituents.


Featuring Nonprofit Case Studies


OneGoal's journey to scale program engagement in ways that best serve students.




How APPR designed and built a digital community to deliver program engagement at scale.



Measuring what matters most when it comes to program engagement.

About Extension Engine

Scale your reach, impact, and mission with online learning.

Extension Engine helps nonprofits scale their reach and engage constituents through online learning and digital strategies.

We help you design, build, and grow new digital programs or digitally transform existing programs for the online environment.