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Dr. Scott Moore, Principal Learning Strategist at Extension Engine, has written a 15-part series on defining and acting on a higher education strategy to guide leaders during these difficult times. It is targeted at educational leaders who are participating in shaping their school's actions during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The unifying project is creating medium-term and long-term plans to win online.

As befitting his long career as a faculty member, it starts with the basics, building up a case for having a strategy, and then carefully defining the different dimensions of a strategy. However, given the other parts of his background as an administrator and businessman, he also focuses on the details of how to get things done, specifically drilling in to items of interest in this era of the pandemic. Every post will conclude with activities related to the project.

The blog posts will be published three times per week for 5 weeks. Watch for them on social media, periodic emails, or simply come back to this page for links to all of them.


Define and Act on Your Institution’s Strategy

This list will be updated as the blog posts appear:

  1. The Need for a Strategy for an Institution of Higher Education
  2. The Benefits of a Strategy for an Institution of Higher Education
  3. Recommended Process for Defining a University’s Strategy
  4. Competing via Differentiation in Higher Education
  5. The Generalized Differentiation Strategy Model
  6. Implications for Higher Education of the Generalized Differentiation Strategy Model
  7. Using the Generalized Differentiation Strategy Model to Guide a College’s Actions During COVID-19 Pandemic
  8. A Differentiated Online Teaching Experience Requires More than Zoom
  9. A Fully-Specified Strategy for an Institution of Higher Education
  10. Determining the Focus of a College’s Activities
  11. Determining How a College Will Make its Move Online
  12. Determining How an Institution Will Win Online
  13. The Speed and Sequence of a College’s Moves Online
  14. How and Why a College Will Win Online
  15. Move from Lecturing over Zoom to Long-Term Success Online


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