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Building Online Programs Without Revenue Sharing Online Program Managers (OPMs)

The value of revenue sharing Online Program Management (OPM) continues to generate significant debate. Is the revenue sharing model too expensive? Are the programs differentiated? Are institutions giving up too much control?

Despite the noise, the problems OPMs solve—up-front investment, production, and marketing—are not going away. So what if an institution wants to build an online program without a revenue-sharing or an OPM engagement?

This recorded webinar discusses overcoming key barriers to building online, the difference between revenue-sharing and fee-for-service engagements, and provides real-world examples of universities who are solving these issues without using a traditional OPM.

Eduventures, an independent research and advisory firm, shares their data and insights into online program growth, the OPM marketplace, and the road ahead. 


 What you'll learn

  • How do institutions overcome key barriers of entry to online learning: up-front investment, production and marketing?
  • What is the difference between revenue-sharing and fee-for-service engagements with outsourced providers?
  • How do vendors interact with faculty, foster buy-in and accelerate project momentum?
  • What are some alternatives to conventional online program management?
  • What is the road ahead of online programming?



This recorded webinar features distinguished panelists in the higher education and online learning space. 

Eduventures is the leading research and advisory firm for higher education and ExtensionEngine is a distinguished provider of strategy, solutions, and development in online education.


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