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Building Online Learning Capacity at a Liberal Arts College

Moravian College, a centuries-old small residential liberal arts college, talks about their experience working with Extension Engine, a fee-for-service vendor, to build an online program.

About this discussion:

Moravian College, a centuries-old small residential liberal arts college, has been working with a fee-for-service vendor over the last year as it works towards launching an online program that is distinctly "Moravian." The college wants to own the program and eventually take it over, but at the start it didn't have the resources or capabilities to do so. After looking at the possibilities (including revenue sharing with an OPM), it enlisted Extension Engine as its partner.

This is the story of how this all happened, from the initial meeting with the full leadership team (including CFO and Provost) up to the current day with instructional designers working with faculty.

Here's what you'll learn:
  • Why Moravian College chose a fee-for-service vendor over a traditional revenue-sharing Online Program Manager (OPM)
  • How the college overcame institutional policies against using online resources
  • Steps the college took, in partnership with Extension Engine, to gain faculty buy-in
  • Why building online learning capacity at a small, liberal arts college is important
  • How the college plans to move forward


Who this discussion is for:

Higher education leaders and administration looking to create engaging online learning without revenue sharing online program managers (OPMs).




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